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About Us

Helping You Bring Your Book From Concept To Reality

Build My New Book is a program created with aspiring writers in mind, new and old. It contains information that will guide you from beginning to end, all in one program.

At Build My New Book, we are passionate about writing and understand how it feels to write a book and make it your own. This program was created as a lessons-learned initiative. We have gone through the ups and downs of writing books and wish we had access to a program like this when we started writing.

We have over sixty years of experience with a team of analysts, teachers and of course writers. Our team has spent many years researching and documenting to fill this program with information that will guide you and hopefully make writing a book an enjoyable experience. Our team’s analysis has also found many alternatives to advertise, market and distribute your book so you have an end-to-end package of information in one place.

Our one-of-a-kind program includes what we have learned about writing and provides helpful aids and inspiring quotes that we know will help you be the best writer you can be.

Because we want you to succeed, we provide a place on our website for you to sell your book after you’ve completed our program. Our online store also contains merchandise with our logo to help you advertise that you are a successful writer! Our On-line Store is being refined and will be available soon!

Here at Build My New Book thank you and hope you enjoy the program.

More About Our Founder
Martin McAlear

Martin is a Canadian author who self-published his first book The New King in 2014 and was named best new author by Moniz and Associates. Five years later he published The New Queen, the second installment to his The New Reign Series. It was quoted as being like The Game of Thrones in a review by The Independent Free Press newspaper. Martin is currently putting the final touches on his third book The Twelve Month Survivor, which is due to be out in early 2022. All of Martin’s books are under consideration to be made into movies.

Martin McAlear