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This program provides information from getting started to creating a finished product. It walks you through these stages and gives you tools to help you get your story written.

Payment is made in Canadian dollars. 

Getting started is one of the toughest parts about writing a book. There are many ways to start, and we will help you find the one that best suits you. Sign up and we will attend to this problem first.

Everyone’s schedule is different and finding time to write can be difficult. We provide multiple ways to put writing into your daily and weekly routines. You may be surprised how making some little changes can free up the time you need.

Yes, you can, but it probably won’t happen overnight. Hard work and patience are a couple of things you’ll need. There are famous authors who were rejected multiple times before they were able to get their books published. Our program is filled with many stories about writers and their journeys to becoming notable authors.

This is a printing company who will do anything to be able to print your book, for a price of course. They will edit and print your book, but if you want other services, such as copyright or marketing, it could cost you a lot more money, possibly over $20,000 more. Make a list of things you want a printer to do and look for one that suits your needs. Or you can self-publish, do things yourself, save money and make more money. Build My New Book was created to help you make the right decisions.

We don’t guarantee that you’ll make money, but we do provide tools to help you. If you sign-up and follow our program, the odds will be in your favor. If you look on the internet, it says first time authors can make between $5000-$10,000, but don’t be discouraged if you make less.

No, but Amazon does give you a large audience to sell to. We do suggest that the more places you sell your book the better chance you have at increased sales! We talk about this in our program.

This is one of the toughest things to deal with when writing a book. Staying motivated can be difficult but it is not impossible. We help you stay motivated by sharing other author’s stories and guide you along the way, so you know you are not alone in this venture. You will be surprised by just how many great authors wanted to give up at one point.

If this is your first book or you’re just not sure what to write, then try writing about what you know. Write about what interests you such as your hobbies or your family history. Maybe you can write about where you have travelled to or would like to visit. The possibilities are endless!

Becoming a ‘better writer’ is open to interpretation, but there is an old saying ‘practice make perfect’ (Ralph Waldo Emerson) so the more you write, the more you learn and grow. Write about what you know. Write down all your ideas and build on them. You may find yourself working on multiple books at one time, which could help you if you get stalled in one story. All your ideas may not become published stories, but just keep writing.

Good grammar is another tough part when writing a book, but don’t let that stop you from writing. If you’re using a computer, most programs have spell check and grammar tools. We help you manage the editing of your book, so don’t worry about grammar or spelling, just write!

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