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Paperback Preview

Paperback Preview Agreement


Paperback Preview is a monthly magazine for authors, new and old, to advertise their books. It provides an opportunity for authors to get the word out about their books, and to generate online book sales at the same time.

Terms & Conditions


(Each Distribution is comprised of a minimum of 300 Locations. The Locations are focussed mainly in medical waiting areas.)

  • Includes a maximum of 2 pages inside the Issue.
  • Comprises of a photo of the book cover and the beginning pages of the story. (Both are to be provided by the Author in an agreed upon format)
  • Optional inclusions: Author photo, Author bio

We will promote your book in our Paperback Preview magazine with NO upfront Author Processing Fee! That’s right! Your book will be displayed in our magazine now, subject to space availability.

We will distribute printed editions as well as an online copy of our magazine. Your book will be available to be viewed by people around the world for six months.

*When we sell your eBook to each avid reader at a price of $4.99, your commission will be $2.00 per book sold. The first $450.00 of your commission will be a reimbursement of your Author Processing Fee (TEMPORARILY WAIVED). All books will be listed for sale for a period of six months.  Reimbursements towards the Author Processing Fee will end when either paid in full or after six months, whichever comes first. If there is a shortfall in the Author commissions earned after six months (there were less than 225 books sold), the shortfall will no longer be payable. That is our risk-free guarantee to you. After your Author Processing Fee has been paid in full, the commissions from the sale of your book will be paid out monthly for the six months that the book is listed for sale online.

There will be a small fee of $25.00 to convert your book into digital eReader format and make your book available on our website directly. The $25.00 fee for file conversion is due prior to your book being included in the magazine.

Due to competition laws, you will be required to remove your book from the Amazon website in order to be eligible for the magazine.

Paperback Preview is not responsible for the content of the Author’s published book. Paperback Preview cannot guarantee sales of the Author’s published book. The intellectual property ownership of the published material received from the Author shall remain with the Author. In accordance with the law, all books must have an e-book ISBN number.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Upload your book in a Word or Google Doc file format. If your file is too large to upload, please transfer using a service such as to
Price: $25.00
The fee to convert your book into digital Reader format and make your book available on our website.

Paperback Preview is a wholly owned subsidiary of Build My New Book