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1 The surcharge of $450. CAD represents the printing and distribution costs of the magazine.
2 The $25 fee for file conversion is due prior to book being included in magazine.

Paperback Preview Sample
Sample Paperback Preview Cover

It is estimated that 1.7 million books are self-published each year by new and acclaimed authors. And the only feasible place to sell their books was on Amazon, until now. Introducing Paperback Preview, the second phase of Build My New Book. Paperback Preview is a magazine made specifically for self-publishers. 

Build My New Book is an online program to guide one through the book writing and self-publishing processes with Paperback Preview the medium for selling their books. Each Paperback Preview issue will include articles highlighting self-publishing authors and their books to introduce them to the reading community.

Build My New Book was created to share our writing and self-publishing experiences and provide alternatives on how to do it more economically. We state we will continue to support you after you have finished writing your book and Paperback Preview is the support available to sell your book.

Not sure if you are ready to publish? Sign up with Build My New Book and get writing, and Paperback Preview will help you get selling. Join our family of published writers today.

Paperback Preview Details

Paperback Preview is a monthly magazine for authors, new and old, to advertise their books. It provides an opportunity for authors to get the word out about their books.

Author Rate: $450.00 per issue. Limited time offer, Author Rate is $0

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