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Twelve Month Survivor

Twelve Month Survivor

Martin McAlear’s creative imagination has come through once again. Winner of the 2014 Best New Author Award shows that a great story should be unpredictable and lead the reader on an adventure that has never been written before.

A popular television show now into its third-year pits human against nature in a bid to survive an entire year without any outside help. The five contestants from all over the world, the mountain man from Norway, the self-proclaimed survivalist from Mexico, the Homeless girl from England, the Canadian army soldier, and the Genius from the United States. But, when catastrophe hits, it leaves all the contestants truly on their own. Mix in worldwide betting, who will you bet on?

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The bright lights come on, along with the television cameras that are focused on the stage. Kyle Bently walks onto the stage waving to an imaginary audience. The control room raises the volume for the electronic audience applause. Kyle continues to wave and smiles before clapping his hands together as a sign for the technical director to stop the applause. The clean-shaven square jawed man, with a full head of hair and a pair of blue eyes that make women melt, isn’t dressed in one of his suits, instead he’s wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans to let the audience know that he’s one of them.

Kyle looks out to the would-be audience as the cameras close in on him, waiting for him to….