Program - Build My New Book


When it comes to writing your book,

We Help you Do It All

Getting Started

Develop Your Storyline, Plot & Characters

Stay On Task & Complete Your Book

Identify Your Readers & Find Your Audience



Editing & Proofreading

ISBN Number

Retail Sales Price

Publish Your BOok

Selling Your Book

And Much More

Weekly Overview

Helping You Bring Your Book from Concept to Reality

Weeks 1-3: Getting Started

Do you have a story to tell? We will help you take that idea and transform it into a storyline.

Weeks 4-9: Components of Writing

You will learn how to build your storyline and give it structure using multiple components of writing.

Weeks 10-12: Writing for your Audience

We will help you focus your writing on your intended audience.

Weeks 13-19: Marching Towards the Finish Line

As you approach the middle of the program, you will be shown alternatives on how to make your way to the finish line.

Weeks 20-25 : You Are the Boss

We provide options to help you finish strong and to get the word out.

Weeks 26-31 : It's A Wrap

What good is a book without a great ending? We take you through some complicated steps to putting it all together.

Weeks 32-36 : The FInal Touches

We provide you with what needs to be done before you send your book to the printer.

Weeks 37-40 : The Finish Line

You finished that book but what now? We offer options for you after printing.